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Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Own Cop?

My Own Cop is a groundbreaking mobile application that provides users access to various Mobile Security Services and Security-on-Demand solutions.

Why am I unable to access the app?

It is crucial to have Location Services activated on your phone to log in. Failure to do so may result in login issues, serving as a reminder to activate location services for accurate geo-location when needed. Set Location to PRECISE (if available) for precise positioning which helps Security Responders find you.

Can I disable International Roaming while on vacation abroad?

Maintain International Roaming “ON” for proper functionality. My Own Cop utilizes a mix of GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspots, and mobile tower networks. Disabling International Roaming may hinder the app’s effectiveness.

How does My Own Cop operate?

Upon installation on your device, the app enables seamless requests for immediate response security services with just a few taps.

Is continuous tracking enabled?

If Location Services are set to “Always,” the My Own Cop system tracks you consistently. “While Using The App” limits tracking to app usage, so if it is not on and you are not logged in, it will not track you. “Never” renders the app non-functional, so should not be selected.

Can others access my location history?

My Own Cop safeguards your past locations and never reveals them to your friends or family. Only in declared emergency situations via the app would your location be disclosed.

How does My Own Cop verify my identity?

During sign-up, you set an “Identity Word,” required for identity confirmation in communications with My Own Cop.

What if I can't communicate my danger to My Own Cop?

You specify a “Safe Word” during sign-up. If an incorrect Safe Word is provided, immediate assistance is assumed necessary.

What security services does My Own Cop provide?

My Own Cop delivers responsive security services, deploying licensed and vetted security operatives on demand. It also covers Property Checks, Vulnerable Friend/Relative Safe & Well Checks, Key Holding, Alarm Response, Lone Worker Response, Global Tracking when in Danger,

When can I use the app?

My Own Cop is versatile, usable in scenarios like feeling threatened, witnessing emergencies, or requiring aid during travels.

What's the response time?

My Own Cop targets a 30-minute response time globally, dependent upon location and country specifics.

Is My Own Cop accessible 24/7?

Yes, My Own Cop ensures round-the-clock security services for your safety.

Is there a subscription fee?

Access My Own Cop through an affordable monthly or annual subscription for 24/7 security response activation.

What is "Menu Pricing" for Security Services?

Menu Pricing offers discounted rates for additional services, ensuring cost-effectiveness compared to standard rates.

Is My Own Cop usable internationally?

Launched with a global vision, My Own Cop is continually expanding its network, partnering with trusted entities worldwide for seamless global service delivery.

Are Security Operatives licensed?

Yes, all My Own Cop security operatives are fully licensed and vetted, meeting strict Security Industry quality standards which are monitored continuously.

How do I request security assistance?

Tap the app’s button for three main requests: ATTEND (emergency response), CALL ME (speak with a Controller), and MESSAGE (pre-order services or notify travel plans).

Is My Own Cop suitable for businesses?

Indeed, My Own Cop is ideal for businesses, extending coverage to owners, residences, and families as part of the Business Package.

Can I use My Own Cop for personal safety?

Yes, the app caters to both individual and business safety, allowing registration of additional phones and users under the Business Package.

What if I don't know my exact location during an emergency?

My Own Cop automatically monitors and geo-locates your position, eliminating the need for precise location awareness.

Does My Own Cop handle Medical Emergencies?

While not medically qualified, My Own Cop’s Security Officers can coordinate medical services in emergencies.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Certainly, you can cancel your subscription anytime, following My Own Cop’s straightforward terms and conditions.

Is the app available on iOS and Android?

Yes, download My Own Cop from the Apple App Store or Google Play, ensuring Location Services are active.

Is my information secure?

My Own Cop prioritizes privacy, employing robust encryption and adhering to data protection laws, ensuring your information’s security.

Can I provide Emergency Contacts?

Yes, furnish emergency contacts in the Critical Information section for controller notification during incidents.

What if I face an emergency in a foreign country?

My Own Cop’s global network ensures assistance anywhere, with pre-notifications enhancing emergency response speed.

Can I use My Own Cop during natural disasters?

Yes, My Own Cop is equipped to handle emergencies and crises, prioritizing your safety.

Can I share positive experiences on Social Media?

Absolutely, share your positive experiences to raise awareness, and consider joining the Facebook Group Page for community engagement.

Are there referral discounts?

My Own Cop offers referral rewards through an Affiliate Scheme, encouraging you to share the app’s benefits.

Can I check on a loved one using the app?

Yes, request “Safe and Well” checks for family or friends in other locations, offering reassurance, especially for elderly relatives.

How do I ensure accessibility in an emergency?

Download and keep the My Own Cop app accessible on your device at all times.

Is there a usage limit for assistance requests?

No, there is no limit to how often you can request assistance through My Own Cop for your safety needs.

Is the app user-friendly?

Certainly, My Own Cop features a user-friendly interface, ensuring simple navigation for quick assistance.

Can I use My Own Cop for personal travel?

Absolutely, My Own Cop serves as an excellent travel companion, offering security assistance during trips.

How do I address concerns about the app's services?

Contact the My Own Cop customer support team for assistance with any inquiries or concerns.

Is there a trial period?

Unfortunately, a trial period is not offered, but My Own Cop is confident in the app’s immediate benefits.

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